Suppliers win by building channel mindshare

06.24.21 12:50 PM By Jason Kammes

Meet Dan, an independent sales agent who buys products from dozens of suppliers across the country and sells them to businesses in his area. Many of Dan’s suppliers compete with similar products in the same category. Some make it easier to do business with than others. 


For his sales presentations, Dan often needs to order customized marketing collateral and personalize them with the appropriate brand logos and assets. He receives these assets from his suppliers via email. He stores them and downloads them from cloud folders - or however his suppliers distribute brand materials. It’s a very “20th century” marketing workflow. 


Dan is busy, he’s not super tech-savvy, and he really just wants to sell more stuff. Therefore he adopts the 80/20 rule and focuses on selling a few “easier” suppliers’ products. “Other” suppliers are out of sight, out of mind. 


Brands distributing products through channel sales know this is a very real scenario, and doesn’t work well. 


Now meet Brand Wings marketing automation. No email, no hard-to-find or off-brand assets. With easy 24/7 web access, channels can access and customize the brand assets they need to sell more stuff. Brand Wings makes it easy on all the Dans. It maintains brand identity, increases mindshare, and drives sales.