Brand Wings


Manufacturing is a diverse sector that spans a breadth of product categories, distribution strategies, and market dynamics. 

With this disparity also comes varying degrees of sophistication and modernization of communications process. It is not uncommon in the 2020s for many manufacturers and their channel partners to track sales and forecasts in spreadsheets. Information on new products and features may be shared as Powerpoint presentations, which are emailed as attachments.

With inbox clutter and poor drive folder management, it is often difficult to find the latest, most accurate product file. Legacy information sharing systems have poor searchability and virtually no version control. So if channel sales reps can't find the latest file in their drive, they may use whatever version they can find. The result can be inaccurate, outdated product brochures, signage, displays, contact information, regulatory compliance statements, logos, brand color palettes, and more.

Brand Wings enables greater speed, visibility, and accuracy of sales and marketing information across the manufacturing industry spectrum. Sub-sectors that particularly benefit from our through-channel marketing automation solutions include: 

Food and Beverage
Textiles and Apparel
Printing and Paper
Metal and Machinery Manufacturing
Computer and Electronic Product
Electrical, Appliance, and Component
Transportation Equipment
Furniture and Related Product