Brand Wings

Direct & Indirect Sales Teams

Whether you work with direct sales, channel sales, or a combination of both, 

Brand Wings has you covered.

Like many companies, you don't have a single path to market.  In addition to your direct sales staff, you may work with resellers, distributors, retailers, partners, or other forms of sales channels.  Brand Wings uses the concept of Sales Teams to help you manage these different groups, gain insight into their activities, and provide the right user experience to each party.

The portal can be customized down to the level of a specific sales team, providing some sales users with a very different experience than other users, based on your business relationships.  Analytics and Activity Streams allow you to quickly filter down to specific sales teams or types of sales.  Object level permissions allow you to indicate which teams (and which roles) have access to certain sales tools.

As your sales strategies evolve, Brand Wings can grow with you to manage the increasing complexities of your go-to-market strategy and sales relationships.