Brand Wings


Whether You Are a Carrier or an Agency, Brand Wings Sales Enablement 

Has Your Insurance Business Covered

Insurance Carriers

As a carrier, you have a far-reaching network of agents and brokers that sell your insurance products. Making sure these sellers are equipped with the latest information and representing your brand accurately is paramount to success. The Brand Wings sales enablement platform enables you to invite your agents and brokers to a branded, intuitive portal filled with your product information and tools to help them be successful.  You can provide assets in any format, such as PDF or Video.  Agents and brokers can dynamically customize PowerPoint and Word templates that you define, making it easy to deliver personalized content to current and potential customers.  You can also define email campaigns that your agents can send to an audience of one or many.  On the backend, you can leverage the Brand Wings analytics tools to understand which agents are engaged and what marketing content is successful.

Insurance Agencies

Your insurance agency most likely represents multiple carriers across a wide variety of product lines.  Making it easy for your staff to find and use the mountain of product information you have received is imperative to serve your customers and win new business.  With the Brand Wings sales enablement platform, you can create a portal for your staff containing all the information they need to know.  Besides storing carrier-provided materials, you can provide additional content to guide your staff in their selling processes.  You can equip them with email marketing campaigns and templates in PowerPoint and Word to provide personalized content to potential customers.  Brand Wing analytics helps you understand which assets and sales tools are most helpful to your team and which team members are engaged.

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