Brand Wings

Email Campaign

Define email campaign templates that your sales teams can easily send to an audience of many or one.

Email remains as the primary means of digital sales and marketing outreach.  All too often, contact data must be gathered manually and sent by a marketing team member, creating delays in sending potentially time-sensitive messages and generating more work for both the sales and marketing staff.

Brand Wings includes an email marketing campaign platform that is both easy to use and powerful in its capabilities.  The campaign templates are managed by approved staff, thus ensuring that all messaging and designs are brand compliant and up-to-date.  Templates support version tracking, so changes can be understood while still providing accurate analytics.

Like other tools in Brand Wings, controls can be easily set to determine which channel partners or sales teams have access to specific email campaigns.  Additionally, access can be limited or granted based on the type of role a salesperson has.

Key metadata is tracked, including opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.  Sales staff can quickly filter down to the user level to find this information in addition to IP addresses and maps indicating where this activity occurred.

Email campaigns can be sent by sales staff to a list of contacts they have defined or to individual contact, as needed.

Ready to revolutionize your Email Campaigns?