Brand Wings

Channel Sales Enablement

Selling through partners, resellers, retailers, distributors, agents, brokers, and other channels has big rewards alongside enormous challenges. Brand Wings helps you equip your channels to sell effectively while representing your brand accurately.
Branded or Co-Branded
Sales Portal

Brand Wings provides a simple interactive design tool to quickly create custom website themes for your sales portal.  You may create a unique design for your channel or create a single design that can be dynamically co-branded with your channel partner’s logo.  By branding or co-branding the portal, you are conveying a strong message of partnership to your channels.

Dynamically Co-Branded Assets

Our powerful templating engine allows your channel partners to personalize PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents using your files and your business rules.  You can preserve brand integrity and messaging on your important sales collateral and documents while allowing your channel to add their own information, such as their logo and contact information.

Team Notifications

Quickly send important communications to your channels through the Brand Wings platform.  You can select individual channel partners or groups of channel partners across a wide variety of criteria.

Central Repository

Brand Wings is a single location for all of your marketing assets, tools, and partner communication.  Your channel partners can stop digging through emails and various cloud folders to find the information they need to make more sales.

Visibility into Channel Sales Activity

All key activities your channel partners perform, such as sending an asset or personalizing a template, are logged centrally in Brand Wings.  This allows both them and you to easily see the full history of usage in the system.  You will no longer need to wonder if and how your channel partners are using the sales and marketing materials you have provided them.

Training and Guidance

Brand Wings features the ability to create an unlimited number of content pages, powered by our easy-to-use content editor.  By putting content pages in the same place your reps go to leverage essential sales & marketing tools, they can quickly and easily find what they need, when they need it.


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