Brand Wings

Activity Streams

Brand Wings carefully tracks the important actions that each salesperson takes. This includes downloading assets, ordering products, personalizing templates, and more.

The actions performed by your sales teams are reported in a highly intuitive area in Brand Wings called Activity Streams. It is available to both administrators and sales reps to quickly and easily provide access to the history of what’s been done on the platform. 

Activities are automatically updated as needed.  For example, if an asset is sent via email to a contact, the activity will be updated every time the contact downloads the assets or views the page.  Or, if a supplier fulfills a product order, the activity will be updated to show the shipping date and tracking numbers.

The Activity Stream is displayed in key areas throughout the administrative area of Brand Wings.  Administrators can quickly see, for example, all the usage for a particular asset or all the activity a specific sales rep has performed.   This key utilization data is important for understanding how your marketing content and tools are deployed by your sales teams.

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