Brand Wings

Learning Management

Brand Wings has a built-in, fully integrated Learning Management System designed to easily create and share out Courses to your sales teams and/or sales channels.

With the Brand Wings Learning Management System, you can:

Quickly and easily create interactive and engaging courses for sales staff covering topics such as product features, sales techniques, customer service, and more. You can use various formats, such as videos, content, and assets to make learning fun and effective.

Automate onboarding and certification for new hires and existing employees. You can assign learning paths and monitor progress with real-time reports. You can also ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations by tracking successful completion of courses.

Restrict specific access to Brand Wing's wide array of sales tools until specific learning objectives have been met.

Unlike other sales enablement solutions, Brand Wings' LMS was built from ground up inside our core platform, providing for a seamless and simple user experience.