Brand Wings

About Us

Brand Wings' innovative marketing automation platform enables you to enhance your brand marketing, sell more through channel partners, and improve brand consistency, campaign efficiency and sales effectiveness.

Our Mission

Brand Wings’ mission is to provide technology that helps brands market better and sell more through their channel partners. Our marketing automation platform allows brands and partners to improve their brand consistency, campaign efficiency, and sales effectiveness.

Our Vision

Brand Wings’ vision is to enable brands and their channel partners to achieve limitless success through greater communication, information, and knowledge.

Our Values 
What we believe

• Innovation - Our clients and stakeholders deserve novel and valuable solutions to old and new challenges.

• Improvement - Our clients and stakeholders deserve our commitment to continual improvement of our products, processes, and programs.

• Integrity - Our clients and stakeholders deserve integrity: Honesty, ethics, and fairness in all we do.

• Information - Continual learning and sharing of relevant, valuable information makes the world a better place.

• Interdependence - Brands, partners, and end users are all dependent on one another for value creation and increasing success. We must also bring value to this ecosystem. 

Greg Salzman

Founded Aleyant Systems in 2005

• Software created print procurement portals that printing companies extended to their customers.
• Grew to > 13,000 portals
• 70+ employees in 3 offices (US, Spain, India)

Sold to  The Volaris Group in August of 2018 and stayed on to run company. Left Volaris in April of 2020 to focus on new ventures…             

Jason Kammes

Fujifilm Graphic Systems North America
• 20 years at Fujifilm 
•  Marketing roles as Product Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing and working with sales channels both internally and externally

• Sales roles managing multiple sales groups such as National Accounts and Capital Inkjet equipment

The Brand Wings logo 

Our logo is inspired by the Winged Victory of Samothrace (photo by Rijin S ), one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world. 

Sculpted around the 2nd century BC, it is displayed prominently today in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

This masterpiece sculpture honors Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory. 

Its form influenced the creation of the Brands Wings logo and symbolizes brands' victory over inefficiency and inconsistency.