Brand Wings' automation saves time and reduces wasted effort

08.17.21 01:17 PM By Jason Kammes

When selling in a highly competitive environment, a rep’s ability to get the right information when needed can mean the difference between success and failure. 


Sometimes it’s about getting the right info from the supplier. Other times, it’s about getting the right info to the customer. Either way, the benefits of clear and accurate bi-directional communication cannot be overstated. 


Email is slow and unreliable. Phone calls are inefficient. Texting may be more immediate, but it’s not scalable. For these reasons and more, Brand Wings created its marketing automation platform to enable immediate two-way information sharing between the manufacturer brand and its channel partners.

The Brand Wings portal is always on and accessible anywhere so sales reps and their suppliers can each get the they need.  Brand Wings' automation saves time and reduces wasted effort between all parties.

There’s a clear benefit to brands and channels, but the bonus is that the end customer also benefits. What may have taken days now takes minutes. Questions are asked and answered. The customer promptly receives a solution to his/her challenge and the channel rep and manufacturer brand are fairly compensated. 


Confidence, value, and satisfaction are shared. The cycle repeats and expands.