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Analytics By Sales Team Type

10.12.21 06:22 PM By Gregory Salzman

We previously announced the introduction of Sales Team Typein a previous blog article.  In summary, a sales team type allows you to group multiple sales teams into a single type (resellers, for example) for the purposes of understanding their activity as a whole.  

Sales Team Types are now available in Analytics.  This allows you to gain business intelligence around a particular group.  For example, if you have 10 resellers and 3 distributors, you can now create separate charts for each. To configure this, go to the chart options and look at the Sales Team dropdown box at the bottom:

The Sales Team drop down will have some standard options up top.  "All" includes all teams, while "All Internal" or "All External" will select all types that have the internal or external flag set.

Next in the drop down is a list of Sales Team Types that you have already defined.  

Lastly, you will see all active Sales Teams.

After making your selection, be sure to click Save.