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Sales Tools to Help Improve Sales Performance

03.15.23 01:15 PM By Jason Kammes

Sales Enablement platforms provide tools to help sales teams improve sales performance.  In particular, tools such as content management, training and guidance, brandable assets, customer spaces, email campaigns, team messaging, activity steams and real-time analytics can empower sales teams to increase their effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately leading to more sales. 

Content management tools provide a central location for all sales-related content, making it easy for sales reps to access the right content at the right time. With content management tools, sales reps can quickly find the most up-to-date sales collateral and marketing materials, enabling them to provide relevant content to each stakeholder in the customer buying journey.  Content Management | Brand Wings  

Training and guidance tools are another key component of a sales enablement platform. These tools help sales teams to stay up to date on the latest product features, pricing, and competitive landscape. In addition to product training, a comprehensive sales enablement platform provides sales reps with the knowledge and resources so that they can respond to customer questions and objections more effectively. Training & Guidance | Brand Wings  

Brandable assets, such as customizable sales presentations and proposals, can be another powerful tool for sales teams. With brandable assets, sales reps can easily create professional-looking, customized sales materials that align with the company's brand and messaging, helping to build trust and credibility with customers. Brandable Assets | Brand Wings  

Customer Spaces allow your sellers to easily share assets with current or potential customers.  There are times when your sellers may want to provide an organized and professional collection of sales-supporting digital assets to a group of customers from one company or multiple.  Creating a “personalized” Customer Space is more likely to be viewed by your clients versus other methods of digital communication.    

Email campaigns are a critical component of any sales and marketing strategy. Sales automation tools can make it easy for sales reps to create and send targeted email campaigns that are personalized to each customer's needs and interests. By automating the email campaign process, sales reps can save time and ensure that each customer receives the right message at the right time.  Analytics provide insights into customer engagement and help reps prioritize follow actions to advance the sales process. Email Campaign | Brand Wings  

Team messaging tools can be a powerful way to help sales teams stay connected and collaborate more effectively. With team messaging tools, sales reps can easily communicate with each other, share best practices, and provide support as needed. This can help improve overall sales performance by providing a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages learning and growth. Team Messaging | Brand Wings  

Activity Streams carefully tracks the important actions that each salesperson takes. This includes downloading assets or content, ordering products, personalizing documents, and more. Activity Streams provides the salesperson visibility on how those assets are performing after being sent through the platform to a potential customer or client. Activity Streams | Brand Wings  

Real-Time Analytics provides a business intelligence engine to help you truly understand the engagement of your direct and channel sales and the effectiveness of the marketing tools you provide. Real-Time Analytics | Brand Wings    

In summary, sales enablement tools can be incredibly powerful for sales teams. By simplifying and streamlining key sales tasks, these tools can improve sales efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately leading to increased revenue.   

The Brand Wings sales enablement software platform helps sales teams become more efficient, effective by providing one central location for content management, training and guidance, brandable assets, customer spaces, email campaigns, and team messaging, activity streams and real-time analytics.  providing one central location for content management, training and guidance, brandable assets, customer spaces, email campaigns, and team messaging, activity streams and real-time analytics.  


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