Brand Wings

Allow Sellers to Personalize Brand Approved Email Campaigns

01.26.22 01:42 PM By Gregory Salzman

Message Campaigns are a great way to provide your direct and channel partner sales teams with brand approved email campaigns that they can easily send to an audience of many or to a single contact.  You can learn more about them here and here.  With our latest release, you can now optionally allow these sellers to include a personalized note in the email campaign.  This note will be formatted and placed in the email campaign in accordance with your branding guidelines.  In this article, we'll take a look at how to easily set this up.

To begin, either create a new message campaign template or edit an existing one from the Brand Wings admin.  

In the text block where you want the note to be inserted, click the Merge Tags dropdown and insert the {{Message}} tag.  The note that the sales person enters will be inserted at this location, using the font styling settings you have selected.

Now, the portal, if the {{Message}} tag exists in the template, the sales person will be prompted to create a brief note: