Brand Wings provides a powerful toolset to empower your marketing & sales teams.

01  Portal 

Easily create a beautiful, engaging, and mobile-friendly portal to equip your channels for success. The portal unifies your marketing content and tools, making it easy for your channel partners to achieve success in their respective markets. The interactive web page design tool allows you to quickly create page layouts, modify styles, and publish content. Advanced tools such as permissions enable the control of access to marketing tools and content on a partner or user basis.

02  Assets

Quickly add and manage digital assets such as brochures, videos, PowerPoint decks, and more.  Assets can be searched, previewed, and utilized directly from the portal.  Brand Wings can manage multiple versions of assets while ensuring that channel partners can only use the latest version.

03  Templates

Convert PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files into templates that your channel partners can easily co-brand and personalize.  You define the business rules for how the template can be personalized, and your channel partner simply needs to enter a few data points in the portal.  Brand Wings’ personalization engine supports text, images, barcodes, asset merging, and flexible rules-based logic to create brand compliant, personalized content.

04  ​Digital Deliveries

Channel Partners can select a digital delivery option, a URL generation will provide a permanent link to the file that can be sent to a specific customer or shared widely.  Email delivery will send a link to their customer that directs the user to a customized section of the portal for download.  Either option captures the date & time of the download as well as important metadata such as the IP address and location.  This level of insight is invaluable to the sales and marketing process for both you and your channel partner.

05  Email Marketing

Brand Wings integrates with popular email marketing platforms and supports both one-time email campaigns as well as email automation campaigns.  You can select which templates from your integrated platform will be made available in the portal.  Channel partners simply select the template and contacts to easily send out a campaign that you have defined and approved.  Brand Wings manages the initiation of the campaign and collects the results for analytics.

06  Analytics

More than just pretty charts and graphs, Brand Wings provides an analytics engine to help you truly understand the engagement of your partners and the effectiveness of the marketing tools you provide.  Formula based targets can be displayed on charts, including KPI indicators, to provide graphical feedback on how you are tracking against your goals. 

07  Activity Streams

Brand Wings consolidates all channel partner activity into a single grid of easily filtered data.  The activity stream appears throughout Brand Wings, across partner channels, users, assets, templates, and more to provide easy access to key utilization data.

08  Contact Management

Channel partners can manage their contacts using the built in tools. You can define custom fields to enforce data requirements. Channel partners can also record companies and build lists of contacts for email marketing. You may also assign new leads to channel partners and view contact specific marketing activities. 

09  Products

Provide physical items to your channel partners such as promotional or print products.  You can define vendors (suppliers) in Brand Wings and assign products to them.  Any orders for products from your channel partners will be automatically sent to the correct vendor along with instructions you have defined.  The vendor can update status and shipping information that can be seen by your channel partners.