Brand Wings

Direct Sales Enablement

Empower your direct sales team with sales tools and content to help them stay on brand, be more productive, timely, and effective.

Direct sales teams need the same easy access to brand assets and marketing tools that channel sales teams do. 
Brand Wings simplifies the process of supporting your sales team. This simple, scalable, affordable platform enhances brand marketing, campaign efficiency, and sales effectiveness like no other alternative.

The right tools for the job 

Your direct sales team members must deliver presentations, quotes, and proposals to their customers. Marketing assets like case studies, data sheets, and promotional products need to be easily accessible and up to date. Current product content, value proposition messaging, and branded assets are critical to driving demand and closing sales. Your sales reps should have up-to-date branded assets, everywhere, at any time.

Quality insights from the funnel

Your sales manager must monitor your direct reps to monitor their sales activity and analyze their sales funnel to collect meaningful insights. Accurate information sharing, speeds the sales process and improves closing rates.

Branding is more consistent

Customers get confused or distracted when they see an outdated brand logo or obsolete product information presented to them. This inconsistency can silently chip away at their confidence in your brand. But when there are distracting irregularities, they can focus on the value message and how it can benefit them. Sales can close faster and at higher values.

B2B companies with highly consistent branding are 20% more successful than those that are weak or inconsistent."  
McKinsey & Company
Certainly, Brand Wings offers a clear advantage to your direct sales force, but a bigger bonus is that the end customer also benefits. What may have taken days now takes minutes. Questions are asked and answered. The customer promptly receives a solution to his/her challenge and becomes delighted even faster.