Personalization provides an advantage

09.01.21 06:10 PM By Jason Kammes

Two competing sales representatives are presenting a proposal for the same type of product to the same prospect. 


“Rep A” is presenting the prospect with a generic proposal. Her supplier provided her with a locked-down PDF that cannot be edited or personalized. Why? 

Many (most?) brands don’t want their marketing material to be edited by their channel sales reps. There is a risk that the product and/or pricing info could be inappropriately altered or corrupted and wrong info would be presented. It’s a very real risk and a valid concern for the brand manager. So the result is that the prospect gets the generic locked PDF from “Rep A.” 


“Rep B” is customizing and personalizing her proposal to the same prospect. Sure, some of the brand's product information is locked, but other parts of the presentation can be edited and personalized specifically to meet that particular prospect’s needs. How? 


Rep B is a channel partner whose supplier is a Brand Wings customer. With the Brand Wings marketing automation platform, the supplier brand enabled its channel partners with an always-on tool that can be easily accessed, updated, presented, and tracked. 


All factors being equal, Rep B probably has the advantage in this opportunity. The prospect will receive a presentation just for her.