Brand Wings

Deliver Static & Brandable Assets to Multiple Contacts At Once

09.20.22 12:21 PM By Jason Kammes

Brand Wings allows you to easily deliver static and brandable assets to contacts via email.  With our latest release, you can now easily send these same assets to multiple contacts simultaneously.  You will still receive the same contact level analytics so you and your sellers can understand how customers and leads are interacting with the sales materials you send.

Taking advantage of this new capability is easy.  When your seller is viewing an asset in the portal, they only need to select the "Send Via Email" option.  Then, they can start adding contacts to the distribution list by starting to type the contact's name until the contact appears.  They also have the option to create new contacts from this area.

Additionally, your sellers can choose to send the Asset to contacts lists they have previously defined.  These lists are built in the Contacts area and can also be used for email campaigns.  Your seller can mix-and-match both individual contacts and contacts lists when building the distribution list for the asset.