Brand Wings

Mapping User Profile Fields to Template Fields

11.18.21 01:08 PM By Gregory Salzman

Brand Wings lets you "templify" Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.  This means you can upload existing documents in one of these formats, define which areas can be personalized, assign business rules, and post in your sales portal.  Sales teams can easily use these templates to customize or cobrand important branded documents.

We recently added the ability to assign user profile fields to data points within a template.  A simple example of this would be automatically pulling in the name of a sales person into a document.  This saves time and reduces error, which results in less friction for the sales person personalizing the template.

The mapping of user profile fields is handled by setting a default value for Variables.  In the Brand Wings admin, navigate to the Template you want to manage.  Go to the correct version and click the Variables tab.  Edit the variable (or add a new one), which opens a small window for you to set the default from a drop down list:

In this example, the photo for the user will be automatically added to the document whenever that user personalizes it.